Thermo-x 100 caps - Scitec Nutrition 

Product Description

Thermo-X is a formula free of efedrine and sinefrine (stimulatings of beta receivers), nevertheless it stimulates slightly the thermogenic fat burning (thanks to the presence of caffeine and the tirosine). Thanks to its numerous components, this developed fat burner is able to release fatty acids from the site of its deposit, of fat tissues, to burn them and definitively to transform them into energy. Through this and other mechanisms Thermo-X energizes the body and increases the resistance and the intensity of the training. Thermo-X is recommended to those who prefer a combined product but do not want to consume highly termogenic fat burners with efedrine or consider too much ?stimulating? the ReForm formula.

Dosage When: (1) Once before the meals, partly a energizing. (2) Half an hour before the meals, but depending on personal sensitivity