Rs 13,000.00

Bulk up and shape your body with Rule 1 Mass Gainer! If you want to gain weight to build muscle, this supplement is for you. Its formula, consisting of a carbohydrate blend, protein blend, branch-chained amino acids and creatine, helps you build muscle and makes your body use fat to burn energy. Each Rule 1 Mass Gainer serving contains 1000 calories and 200g of low glycemic carbs, making it an absolute powerhouse and very beneficial for those who want to increase muscle endurance, growth and size.

  • High-calorie mass gainer for fast weight gain.
  • 1000 calories per serving.
  • Low in sugars & glycemic carbs.
  • Added creatine for strength and size.
  • Ultra-filtered pure whey proteins.
  • Stimulates protein synthesis.