Quamtrax Whey Protein 2KG

Rs 11,000.00

Pure whey concentrate, the most anabolic option for muscle growth and recovery.

The whey protein has been scientifically proven to be the most anabolic, that is, the one that promotes a greater response of anabolic hormones and therefore greater muscle growth. Being soluble in water quickly passes through the stomach reaching the muscles in less than an hour, which makes it the best option for the post-workout protein ration.

  • Pure whey protein concentrate obtained by microfiltration.
  • Perfect solubility.
  • Natural source of BCAAs.
  • More than 76% protein.
  • Cookies & Cream Flavour.

Concentrate of ultrafiltered whey protein, aromas, thickener (Gum Xantana) and sweetener (Sucralose). It contains lactose and soy. May contain traces of gluten, egg and fish.