Quamtrax Nutrition Massive Gainer - 7 kg

Product Description

Gaining lean weight can be difficult, especially if you are a hardgainer with a fast metabolism. If you think you have no chance of bulking up no matter how much you eat, it's time for you to take a more effective and easier approach in massive muscle mass in less time... say hello to Quamtrax Massive Gainer!

Massive Gainer brings together all the nutrients you need for gaining healthy weight in no time. This mass-gaining formula is perfect for athletes and bodybuilders who find it hard packing on lean muscle mass no matter how ravenous their appetite is.

Each delicious serving of Massive Gainer gives you:

  • 39.6g of Whey Protein Concentrate, a complete protein source that provides you with all the amino acids needed for building new muscle tissue, repairing damaged muscles, and preventing muscle catabolism, especially after heavy exercise!
  • 113.8g of carbohydrates (dextrose, oatmeal and Vitargo) for replenishing your depleted glycogen reserves and transporting more nutrients into your muscle cells. Vitargo, in particular, is known to be the best carbohydrate in the world as it travels quickly in your digestive tract to give you readily accessible energy that lasts for many hours!
  • 10g of Creatine Monohydrate which will maximize your muscle strength and endurance during exercise, reduce muscle fatigue and soreness, and make way for increased muscle vascularity and volume due to its cell-volumizing effects.

Massive Gainer is also power-loaded with essential vitamins and minerals to ensure that your whole body is kept in top condition while you are packing on solid pounds of muscle mass day after day!

Leave your skinny self behind and become the massive monster-sized athlete that you have always been dreaming about... start loading up on Quamtrax Massive Gainer now!