A-HA Nutrition Whey Protein 2300 g

Rs 11,500.00

Formulated through years of expertise, A-HA WHEY PROTEIN packs an impressive ingredient profile rich in Low Carb & Fat. Built for fast absorption, this Whey Protein will contribute to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass and to the maintenance of normal bones. In order to produce outstanding products, A-HA WHEY PROTEIN is working only with high quality raw material producers. In addition, we have tested our proteins through rigorous analysis, resulting in a product that always tastes delicious.

A-HA WHEY PROTEIN is a great option for:

  • those looking for a high quality protein source

  • athletes who strive for a lean body

  • individuals who are just simply on a diet


  • 25g high-quality protein

  • No added sugar

  • 71 Servings
  • Incredibly addictive taste

  • 100% instantized for easy mixing

  • Suitable for every type of use

Consumption : Add one serving (32 g – one heaping scoop) to 250 ml water or low-fat milk. Take two servings on workout days. Take one serving after training and one additional serving between mealsv