EVL Stacked Protein Gainer 12 lbs

Product Description

Stacked Protein Gainer is engineered with an ideal 5:1 protein to carbohydrate ratio with 1250 calories per serving making it the best body and muscle fuel to boost your gains post workout to recover faster and build more muscle. And gains never tasted this delicious with best in class milkshake flavor. Size yourself up with the highest quality Stacked Protein Gainer!

Achieving your biggest gains starts with stacking high protein and carbs to deliver maximum calories. Stacked Protein Gainer’s 50G of extended-release protein and 250G of quality carbs supplies 1250 calories to fuel your muscle gains. Packed with 26G of essential amino acids including 12G of BCAAs, it’s perfect post-workout to recover faster and stronger. Plus, its best in class ingredients and highest quality manufacturing ensure what you put inside creates better results outside!

Product benefits

  • 50 Grams of Fast and Slow Release Protein
  • 250g Easily Digested Carbohydrates
  • 1250 Calories per Serving
  • 26g Naturally Occurring EAAs
  • 12g BCAAs to Support Muscle Growth
  • 10g Glutamine and Glutamine Peptides
  • 6g Leucine to Limit Muscle Breakdown
  • Gluten Free.